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Andrew V. Giambertone

Andrew V. Giambertone, AIA



Licensed in NY, NJ, FL, TX, WY


Andrew V. Giambertone has been a licensed Architect and sole practitioner for nearly 30 years. Andrew graduated from New York Institute of Technology, Magna Cum Laude, and recipient of the Gold Medal for Academic Achievement in the Bachelor of Architecture Program, Class of 1985. Upon obtaining his license in 1989, he opened his own firm, and through various collaborations over the years, he has remained a sole practitioner. Using each successive project as a stepping stone to the next, Andrew has garnered a wide variety of experience in virtually every traditional or classical building style or idiom. He spends a tremendous amount of time researching background material for each project to ensure its successful outcome. He relies on the collaborative input from his valued colleagues at AVGA, and seeks to not just find the resolution to any building problem or construction detail, but rather the best solution to the issue at hand. 


“We have been fortunate to have had the faith and trust of our clients over the years, and that is something that we respect dearly and take seriously. We have been charged to elicit from our clients a true understanding of what they hope to achieve in any building project they embark upon. That includes not only an understanding of their functional and programmatic goals, but moreover, their idiosyncratic design, experiential, and visual aspirations as well. Our Clients’ investment, no matter how large or small is significant to them, and we want to ensure that their investment is worthwhile in every facet that it embodies.”


“As we look towards the future, we intend to continue to build on our past experiences yet constantly infuse our work with a fresh perspective, never resting on our laurels. We look to incorporate all the benefits that our modern world provides us, while we endeavor to make our clients experience of their homes or buildings, unique. For our clients we want there to be an unending discovery of the intentional layers of subtle detail that make up their “story”, as their building environment reveals itself over the lifetime of its use. In addition to Designing homes, we have expanded our horizons to include Commercial, Multi-family and Hospitality projects as well.”

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