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Architects & Staff

Amber Roth, R.A.

Architect, NCARB

Amber joined AVGA in early 2005 when she moved back to Long Island after working in Arizona. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and in 2005, she obtained her Architectural License from the State of New York.  Amber worked in Manhattan and abroad for a number of years gaining experience in retail, senior housing, corporate interiors and classical architecture before pursuing her passion for residential architecture, both traditional and modern.  While at AVGA, Amber has enjoyed working on many amazing projects as well as the friendships she has built among this small, close-knit group of professionals.

Andrew L. Giambertone

As the youngest member of the firm, Andrew originally came to Giambertone Architects to help out around the office with day to day tasks, intending to return to school. After a few weeks however, he had taught himself how to create 3D models of the firm’s projects and create photorealistic renderings which allow clients to see what their homes will look like before the first brick is laid. He has since fallen in love with 3D design and architectural visualization, as perhaps his father expected, and has taken his place in the office as a 3D Render Artist. He is excited to continue to grow with the firm and bring their designs to life.

Bujare Kollqaku

Bujare is a licensed "Engineer of Architecture" in (former) Yugoslavia, where she graduated in Prishtina University. Additionally, Bujare pursued a masters degree at the Zagreb University- Croatia, however she was unable to see it to completion as a result of political turmoil. Bujare worked in Architectural and Urbanism Faculty in Prishtina as a professor while working in an architectural firm in Prishtina. After moving to the United States, Bujare spent time working in an architecture firm in New York before she joined us at AVGA.

                 "Giambertone’s architecture is where the classical architecture, with all of its elements, enriches surroundings where those values still hold true. With amazing fine-tuning and incredible attention to detail, our work enlightens the most elegant and thoughtful contemporary side of architecture - that's where I found my passion. Having taught and practiced architecture for decades, I'm honored to be part of a team that incorporates such thoughtful design."

Dennis Radzinsky

Dennis Radzinsky has worked at Giambertone Architects for 20 years.  As a young boy he was immersed in the field working alongside his late father.  This inspired his passion for architecture in which he received his Bachelor of Architecture from New York Institute of Technology.  Dennis is always working under the premise that you need to create an optimal set of detailed drawings and he applies his broad experience both in architecture and construction across all projects.  He holds himself to high standards and exhibits cohesive leadership within the company.

          “As a Project Architect, I have the pleasure to work with a diverse group of talented colleagues.  Together we collaborate on intricate details on luxurious homes.  Giambertone Architects merges clients wishes with unique elements to make one of a kind homes”.

Erin J. Breen

Interior Designer

Erin J. Breen, an ASID Allied Member and NCIDQ candidate, has served as the lead Interior Designer at AVGA since January 2019. Erin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and received her Master and Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Hofstra University. Erin’s passion for and thorough understanding of the principles of interior design consistently result in design solutions that are inviting, beautiful, functional, and enhance the lives of the occupants. In addition, Erin draws from her years of marketing experience, specifically client collaboration, strategy development, creative conception & execution, and project management.

Ernesto Silva

Ernesto Silva has 20 years of  professional experience in the Architectural field, 12 of which have been with Andrew V. Giambertone & Associates.  Ernesto has been responsible for overseeing, composing design development and construction documents for both exterior and interior phases of some of our projects.  Based on our firm’s attention to detail and implementation of that detail throughout the construction process, Ernesto works closely with the Construction Manager and individual trades in the field, through site visits and meetings, to ensure the final built product is consistent with the initial design intent.  Ernesto holds a Bachelor of Architecture from New York Institute of Technology.

             There are several aspects of our firm which makes my experience here unique and fulfilling.  First,  is the quality of projects we get to work on and the fact that for most projects we have the opportunity to stay with the projects from start to finish, therefore providing us the opportunity to experience all aspects of the project, which is extremely valuable for our professional growth and experience. Second is the level of detail and attention we give to all our projects. Third is our office environment which is unlike any other I have experienced, the level of competence amongst all my colleagues is exceptional with the combination of us all contributing towards the great family environment we have.  Al these make for a unique and fulfilling environment to work in.

James Peter Thomas, R.A.

Senior Associate

James Peter Thomas has worked with Andrew V. Giambertone since 1997 and became Senior Associate at the firm in 2008. Since joining AVGA, Jim has managed large-scale residential projects ranging from new construction, preservation and restoration as well as commercial development works. His involvement in AVGA projects encompasses many aspects, from initial development, code research to design through final construction documentation. Jim’s expertise and his collaborations with consultants, interior designers and colleagues have enabled him to successfully manage large teams and tackle many of the firm’s most challenging commissions. With a strong portfolio of classical and historical styled luxury residential projects he has enjoyed the opportunities to move outside of that concentration to use the same attention to detail and interest in balance and harmony to create new explorations in form and use. Jim received his Bachelor of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology summa cum laude, where he graduated at the top of his class. He is a registered architect in the State of New York. Jim extends his love for Architecture through his twin enjoyments of Travel and Photography.

Jennifer Pynn

Jennifer is a licensed professional who received her Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech in 2004. She began her professional career in her hometown of Huntington, NY, where she worked on a combination of commercial, non-for-profit and residential jobs. She moved on to NYC to specialize in high-end residential design where she worked on a combination of apartments and country houses. Through the design process and extensive construction administration experience, Jennifer has developed a sharp attention to detail and strives to create beautiful architecture inspired by historical precedent yet functional for today’s way of life. After 10 years of experience in the “big city,” Jennifer finds herself back to her roots in Huntington, doing the work she loves most; residential architecture.

Lisa Aviles


Lisa Aviles is a welcome addition to the AVGA's staff.  Her more than 25 years as an administrative professional in the field of telecommunications and entertainment has given her the tools to transition into an entirely different industry with the skill of a true professional.  She enjoys working in such a creative environment and is honored to be part of such an enthusiastic team

Marianne Andresen

With 25+ years of experience, including being a partner in her own firm, Marianne joined the AVGA team in 2007. She feels that the attention to detail and design excellence that AVGA holds as a standard is without equal and that it inspires her to create & collaborate as part of this dedicated team.

Olivia McGeough

As a fourth year student of Architecture and Design at Lehigh University, Olivia spends her academic year developing, crafting, and refining her personal designs in Bethlehem, PA. When she is back on Long Island, she acts as AVGA's sole Web Designer and Social Media Director. For the past three summers, Olivia has worked in conjunction with AVGA architects, designers and renders to build and maintain a sophisticated website that meets the standard of our firm and, most importantly, our clientele. Olivia is always eager to learn from those around her and has enjoyed working alongside professionals as talented, inclusive, and passionate as those at AVGA.

Patricia Oliveira

Patricia Oliveira received her bachelor of Architecture degree from New York Institute of Technology in 2003 and her education includes international studies through Italy with emphasis in classical architecture.  Patricia joined AVGA in 2004, where she enhanced her knowledge in traditional architecture and classical revival styles to art deco to ultra- modern and much more.

            “I have been fortunate to be part of this selected family and the unique projects we work with.  Our focus to scale, relationship between interior/exterior surrounds, lighting and our clients day to day is what makes every project function so well.  From the day we break ground with the client to collaborations with the construction manager, consultants with the latest technology and exquisite Interior Designers, every project, every custom detail is seen and documented from start to finish.”

Rachel Cronin

Rachel received her schooling in Israel where contemporary style is the backbone of design education. Working with Andrew Giambertone since 2010, she has come to appreciate and love traditional design and its concepts. Rachel has a great enthusiasm for computer aided design software and is always eager to add to her knowledge.

          “When the new office was being renovated, it felt to all the employees as exciting as if we were renovating our own houses, and that is what the work environment is like - like working at a second home.  The atmosphere is relaxed yet with an excited tension as everyone here is enthusiastic about the truly outstanding projects we feel privileged to work on.” Rachel has a very impressive English accent, which always makes her seem smarter than she really is.

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