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Andrew V. Giambertone and Associates, Architects is a premier designer of historically referenced, and traditionally influenced modern architecture. Our work meticulously integrates the best concepts of the past with the most creative and technologically advanced ideas of today. We continuously strive to blend Art, Science and Environmental concerns into buildings and homes that truly enrich the Owner's daily work or living experience. We take great pride in the fact that our clients tell us that our buildings, and in particular our homes, truly respond well to the programmatic needs they sought to resolve in building. Our plans resolve the spatial relationships, circulation patterns, and pragmatic concerns that our clients recognize and appreciate. In short, our buildings work, and they work really well.
Our houses are Homes that embody all the concepts of family that make each individual clients lives idiosyncratic. In addition, the plans are artfully designed to create an aesthetically pleasing result. And while each building pays homage to the period style it seeks to evoke, it does so without being a slave it. Our attention to detail transcends the skin of the building as we imbue the interiors with the very fabric of the Architectural vocabulary evident on the exterior. Meticulous details are interwoven with state of the art electronics and conveniences that characterize our modern lifestyles. 

Under the AVGA banner, Andrew Giambertone along with a talented pool of Architects, Designers and draftspeople, take every project from initial siting on the property to the installation of the last details prior to move in, seamlessly.  AVGA can provide all levels of Architectural services, commercial or residential, either locally or Nationwide, as we have worked throughout the Northeast, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California.

There are many Design firms out there that can design you a building as a wonderful work of art, but the novelty of living or working in a work of art only last sixth months or so, and then you are stuck with the reality of that building. It is only then that you realize the value of your investment, good or bad. Our clients know many years after moving in, that they have made great investments.

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